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Is your database THE trusted destination for your development department?

If not, we have resources that will help you diagnose your database, clean it up, and keep it clean. Oftentimes, when the database isn’t trusted, people start tracking data outside the database, which is not best practice. Let us help you shape up your database so it is the trusted destination for everyone in the department.

Have you inherited a database that makes no sense?

This happens too often. You start a new job and the database is full of codes that no one understands. Most likely, the coding structure was built by someone who doesn’t work there any longer. On the other side of the spectrum, you might have inherited a database with minimal codes and no one can make heads or tales of the gift and constituent coding. Either way, your organization needs a shared set of best practices specifically for your database and how it’s used.

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The Role & Power of Data in Fundraising

In the world of fundraising, data analysis is a tool of potentially enormous power, but one that is widely under-utilized. This paper makes the case that all nonprofits should commit to supporting their fundraising activities by adopting best practices in data analysis to guide both strategic decision making and tactical operations. It articulates the key advantages of doing so and begins exploring the first steps for fundraising teams to take in becoming more quantitively oriented.