Be crazy successful in your fundraising without being stuck at your desk

Raise 3-5x more money in less time


Be crazy successful in your fundraising without being stuck at your desk

Raise 3-5x more money in less time

  • Make smart, data-driven fundraising decisions

  • Create an unforgettable experience for your donors

  • Increase dollars in the door by pursuing the right prospects

What is Getting In the Way of Meeting your Fundraising Goals?

  • Did you inherit a confusing, messy database?
  • Do you struggle to trust the accuracy of reports and lists?
  • Are you exhausted by chasing the wrong prospects and reinventing the wheel with every solicitation?
  • What if you had a suite of tools at your fingertips to amplify your fundraising efforts?

You Can Raise More Money Without Working Harder When You Have the Right information!


Introducing The Fundraising Success Formula

Raise more money by focusing on what matters (and letting go of things that don’t)

Build a functional operations system that supports fundraising efforts at all levels

Engage donors and inspire them to become deeply connected to your organization

The Fundraising Success Formula makes it easy for you to get back to what you do best...fundraising!

Hi, I'm Mary!

My 15-year fundraising career was filled with big wins and big failures. The wins were spectacular, but it’s the failures that compelled me to launch Databasey. No fundraiser should have to struggle to identify the right prospects, understand how the philanthropic landscape is evolving, or have the tools to be successful.

I have helped over 500 nonprofits get their house in order.

  • A zoo get membership cards and gift acknowledgments out within 48 hours (as opposed to two weeks)
  • A healthcare system revamp their portfolios and increase major gift revenue by 84%
  • A school save 8 hours each month with fully automated, dashboards for the board, leadership, and development team

Want to be the next success story?


Membership has its perks


White Papers

Live Calls


Quick Win Videos


Membership Pricing

Fundraising Insights Academy

Do It Yourself

Membership library with video trainings and resources for the fundraiser who has more time than money

Course Cards (850 x 650 px) (4)

Done with You

Membership Library Plus Coaching Calls to are designed to make sure your unicorn problems are solved

Course Cards (850 x 650 px) (6)

Done for You

Includes everything. You’ve got better things to do than watch videos. Let us take these problems off your hands.

Our Community of Believers

Mary created opportunities for us that accelerated our growth and helped us avoid pitfalls. She has been integral to our success.

Nick D.

Inspira Health Foundations

The goal is to eventually be in a position where we don't need Mary anymore, but she has been such a joy to work with that I don't want to see her go quite yet!

Kacee S.

Washington's National Park Fund

The work and analysis provided by Mary will become the basis for our strategic action plan for the next 2-3 years.

Joe W.

Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research

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Fundraising Success Formula Image

The Fundraising Success Formula




In this training, I will walk you through the three simple steps of the Fundraising Success Formula that helps you raise more money, inspires donor loyalty and retention, and creates unforgettable stewardship and impact.

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